Wally-b struggling to get out on his own

Wally-b struggling to get out on his own


Today (3/24) We narrowly avoided a tragic accident. One of our beloved strays, Wally-B was almost killed. Animal Contol darted him to try and capture him, by orders of their supervisors... WallyB has lived in harmony, for 2 years, but some lady has been calling AC because the dogs bark at her chihuahua but we are not upset about them darting him we are upset because they lost him after shooting him with a dart...

He ended up in a canal close to death, If it wasn't for the Paw Posse and friends we would of never found him. He was holding on to the bank for dear life. Without all those involved we would of lost this precious guy.

Due to the circumstances, we could not take him home, He hid under a trailer and was hurting him self. He chuwed thrugh one leash, was woking on a second. Under the trailer he cut his head, and his eyebrow. None of these were serious but the rescue team did not want to risk him hurting himself more than he already was. 


We have plans to capture him 

Plan B begins tomorrow for Wally B to trust us humans again so we can save him and get him adopted..... The plan is to go purchase a 10 by 20 kennel/pen..getting him inside should be fairly easy, but it will be a bit costly..We are about out of options and we don't want Wally B shot by Animal Control again, after Wally B is inside the Kennel Paw Posse will go in and work with Wally with out using a leash and gain his trust so we can find him a loving home... 

It will cost almost $400
Please help Paw-Posse save our Fur Baby Wally B..... 
Please donate any amount you if you... $1 $5 $10 anything will help..... 
Please help me save Wally B