Pups we are working with


Wally B

We almost lost this sweet guy because he almost drowned after being darted by Animal Control. We were able to save him from the ditch with help from our friends. It took a lot of trust building to get him in a new kennel (cost about $400).




She's a low rider. During her spay it was discovered she had a sexually transmitted tumor condition known as TVT. The treatment is a chemo drug given weekly for 6 weeks. LMHS in Port isabel, TX is doing the treatment and keeping her until it's complete (last dose is 6/11/19). We'll retest her at that time to see if she's still HW positive and take it from there. EVERYONE she meets falls in love with her. She's going to make someone's life a lot more better when she gets her forever home. She is just lovely inside & out.



Charlie was found bleeding out, most like from being attacked by other dogs. His owner surrendered him to rescue so he could get the help he needed to live. He's doing great and will be neutered soon.

pups working on - Pickle.jpg


(black & white Shitzu) was a special delivery one night to our house from a delivery driver (I can't make this stuff up). He said he saw her running towards traffic and he'd lose his job if he returned to work with her in his truck. She was in horrible condition. The mats behind her ears were larger than her ears. She had recently weaned babies (still had some milk).

pups working on - Sophie.jpg


Was found at a large farm near our house. She looks maybe a Rot mix. She had 8 puppies that have all been adopted. Spayed and is positive for 2 tick diseases, is being treated by antibiotics.

pups working on - Roxy.jpg


GSD, found by a State Park Ranger. She was very malnourished, gained 20 lbs in one month! She’s HW+ and is receiving the HW injections.

Mae Bee

Anyone looking for 25 pounds of pure love? Time to tell the story of Mae Bee. I saw this (first) picture of Mae right before I left to Ohio posted at the Weslaco Animal Control. How could I resist that face? But I was leaving town, the only way I could save her is if I could find a foster. Jennifer Wilsoncouldn't say no either. So the day before I left, I picked her up from the shelter, dropped her off at the vet with the plan that Jennifer would pick her up from there. Well, vet calls the next day & says that when he was spaying her he noticed a huge tumor on her kidney. I quickly reach out to someone with way more experience than I have at rescuing and was told that unless I just have lots of money to burn it would probably be best to help this little girl cross over the bridge. She explained that she would need to go out of town to a specialist (travel & hotel rooms & missed work) get MRI's, CT's, blood work, more blood work, etc, etc. Probably looking at $10K. I don't know about you, but none of my credit cards have that many zeros. So I called the vets office back and explained what I'd been told & to go ahead and euthanize her. They put me on hold for a few minutes, came back on and said they think they can do it there. $500 for surgery & another $200 for pathology (to rule out cancer). Cal and I discussed it and gave the go ahead. Post op report: it was a birth defect. The kidney wasn't working properly & the "tumor" was a big sack of yuck (I'm sure there was a long medical term for that) that collected because the kidney just wasn't working. We still did the pathology (no cancer). Kidney was removed & Mae is doing fantastic. She's not fully treated yet, she will begin her 30 day dose of antibiotic to begin curing the heartworm she has. But I think if she could talk, she'd say THANKS Jennifer. Fostering REALLY does save lives.