Pictures speak volumes

Wyatt is a good example of local rescues working together. Cal called Dezi to go with him for the actual rescue, and if I remember correctly Dezi had already seen the cry for help and was lacing up his boots. Cal asked for donations (to make sure vetting was covered) and Dezi fostered/rehabilitated/and adopted out Wyatt from his Recycled Rovers facility. Without the help of our "village" success stories like this would not be possible.

Ellie was found with mange. She was only about a month old.

Mr. Big dog was found in along side the road in Donna, TX.

Mr. Big dog was found in along side the road in Donna, TX.

Morgan was found in a big drainage ditch by a couple teens who were dirt biking in the area. If it wasn't for them he would of NEVER been found.

This is another one who had a bad case of mange. Gordo was rescued from a place that was "supposed" to be a sanctuary.

Chief had a severe case of mange. He was in really bad shape.

Here is Buster at an adoption event.

Ellie today. She was a foster failure. and spends her time with Missy (who is looking for a home) and helping out other dogs rescue dogs who are shy.

Mr. Big Dog with his new family!!

Mr. Big Dog with his new family!!

Morgan is a little older now and is looking beautiful in his home!

Gordo ended up going on a transport up north with the Paw Posse!

BUT here he is with a beautiful coat in his own home!

Buster with his new family.

Lois, this beautiful girl was found in an empty field near a trash dump site. She was in foster for a good month, When she found her home she was the happiest dog even...Then her home fell apart and she was given back to her foster. After a few weeks she was adopted out once again and as it turned out, she didn't really bond well with her new owner so she came BACK to her foster who found her. After a couple months her first momma was able to get on her feet again and found out she was up for adoption again and was really excited. Lois is now living with her first mom and everyday is being loved more than the last.

Here Lois is in her forever mom's home. As you can tell she is loved beyond words. This is how every animal deserves to live.

We pickup so many "thrown-away" dogs from the Donna Dump in Donna Texas. All most ALL of them have been treated and rehabilitated to make someone a good house dog. Sadly we have to say "almost" all because there are some that have been neglected for so long that it's medically impossible to make them whole again. But when we get a picture like this one ... waiting for us when we open our computers in the morning ... it makes our DAY and makes all our efforts and trials worthwhile. This dog was a little itty bitty puppy found in the piles of trash. How do people do this, and how can we drive away when we see them? Fosters are desperately needed as we don't have room for them all. If you can help, would mean opening your heart and home while they recover, please send us a message.

This is why we do what we do, there is nothing better than happy dogs....but the fat lady isn't singing yet, there are dogs still out there who need our help...foster, sponsor and/or share. You can make the next BEFORE and AFTER a reality for another Dumpster Dog

This poor guy was found on Halloween 2013 at a small city dump site. He was underweight and malnourished (anemic). He was shot at least twice as we've pull both buck and bird shot from his face, ears, and down his back. He is heart worm positive, and has a tick disease, for which he's receiving treatments. He is up-to-date on all shots but has yet to be neutered because of his medical conditions. Even after all that he has been through, he is still one of the most affectionate dogs ever. He gaining strength daily and loves his walk-abouts.

Mike and Sue have been giving Voorhees all the love and care for the last month or so,,,,today they got to see their ward go to his new home....such mixed emotion...so happy for our Dumpster Dog of Donna

Ivory has found a home with a lovely family. He is now living in paradise! This little kitten is about 5 months old. He is a SURVIVOR! He was found stuffed in a wall at a warehouse. He is the only survivor of his litter. He's extremely playful and loves attention. All ready for his new home, up-to-date on vaccines and has been neutered.

Bella went from being dropped off at a Dollar Store....

To finding her new loving home!!

Eva is 2 yrs old and about 41 pounds. She is a rescue from the streets of Weslaco, TX. She got her name from being so evasive to capture efforts. By the time she finally conceded she had 6 pups and hundreds of followers. All of her pups have found homes but the shy mom is still living with us. She’s very social/submissive. She was positive for Heartworm and received the quick-kill treatment and retested negative in Feb ‘15. She’s a beautiful, gentle soul. She’s been spayed and chipped and is ready for her permanent home.UPDATE 6/7/19 - Eva has been at our house for years & years and she will stay there as long as she’s on earth. Her rehab took forever & a day. She was afraid of people (she now greets all visitors) She’s been a therapy dog to all new dogs/puppies. She teaches them the in/out routine, how to play, and even manners to young puppies. She’s a little stubborn at times (she won’t go out if she doesn’t have to, she’s been heard to mourn cry when babies leave that she’s become especially close to, or might just be mopy until another batch arrives. She still won’t take anything off of a fork, and if a treat is shaped like a stick you need to turn it sideways for her to take it. But she’s a wonderful dog and a benefit to us and all the dogs that come through our door. I believe she holds the record as best-shedder. If you visit us no doubt you’ll be taking a little Eva DNA home with you.


Here in South Texas leash laws are not enforced. No city license tags are required. Not many options for free/low cost spay & neuter programs. A large part of the population thinks it's against God and man to neuter a dog (culture thing?). Not many cities required chips. So dogs are running loose, reproducing all over & this is what we get ... buckets and buckets of babies. The shelters are full and many of them have little or no rescue programs. Paw-Posse works hard to try to save what we can BEFORE they land in a shelter. These are some of the lucky ones, they will never see the inside of a black trash bag.


We pulled Anastasia from the Wesalco A/C. A rescue out of NJ wanted her so we basically fostered her for them. She turned out beautiful with just a little TLC. First picture was the day I brought her home, 2nd picture is her in her fur-ever home in New Jersey.


Devon was in pretty bad shape when he was rescued. Good medical care and a caring foster made all the difference for this boy.

Sometimes you have to get down & dirty to catch the babies. These were in a culvert pipe in a drive that the tractors use to get in/out of the fields. If we hadn't saved them they most likely would have gotten hit in the road, or run over by a piece of farm equipment.


these dogs came about because we targeted a neighborhood in Donna TX to try to spay and neuter stray dogs, or dogs that were owned but owners would/could never spend the money. We agreed to take these puppies IF we could spay their mother. They were transported to a foster in Wisconsin who works to find service dogs and both pups were accepted into their program. We're proud of the work we do, but this "save" made us especially proud. They will both be in service to veterans.

Gypsy - after 2.png

Gypsy - Some dogs just know where to come for help. We had every crate and kennel full and Gypsy just laid in our front yard until we helped her. This is no small feat for a dog since we live in a gated community. She turned out to be the SWEETEST dog. She's been adopted in Wisconsin.


Genny w as found in a hotel parking lot & people were throwing rocks at her. Someone who works there put her in a fenced garbage area & called for help. Another rescuer brought her to us. She was a really sweet, smart pup. Just needed a tender touch.